Participants 2019

Starting number is arbitrarily assigned by the organizers, after participation fee has been registered on our bank account. If the list below says you have number “0”, remain calm – it will change soon.

If you’d like to know more about the participant, click their last name to see their full profile. Click the picture thumbnail to see the full size.

Until now, a total of 254 participants have registered!

Zdjęcie / PictureImię / NameNazwisko / Last nameNumer startowy / Start number
Waldemar Wołoch 55
Jason Woodhouse 123
Bartosz Woronicz 0
Michal Zachar 139
Lukas Zahradnicek 0
Agata Zając 0
Piotr Zamorski 0
Martin Zeman 89
Emil Zieleniewicz 0
Marcin Zielkowski 0
Mateusz Zierkiewicz 86
Tomir Zukotynski 0
Dawid Żurek 0
Roman Zychowicz 85